Monday, June 29, 2009

Six tooth..Way to go! And I was not a part of it... She did all her self.. So big of her!

I love making post about things that happen to my sweet Natalie. And her teeth are one we love telling about I am just sorry they don't happen sooner. But we are working one it one tooth at a time. Well as of right now she has one soon to come out. I hope!

She always has to be so silly. Gotta love her.

Can you see the big hole.

Showing off the great tooth.
Well this is so great to see. We were in C.A when she want to get her tooth out with her own hands. I just hope great Grandma was OK with this just a nice gift for her. Well that's great Natalie you did great. The only thing wrong was we were eating dinner so it toke her same time to finish oh well. I do have to say she looks so different with no teeth. It is growing on me she does look cute.. Love you girl!

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