Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Skatting with the school kids....

What a great night Natalie. I am so glad we got to go. Thanks for doing so well in school.. :)

I love you so much........... love mommy


We got mommy fingers:)

What's with the face?

Do I look cute are what!!

Lex and Natalie, having lots of fun.

Wanting to play games.

Push your feet hard. You can do it.

Are we doing great are what.

We had a chance to going skating for Natalie's school. We had a blast!! We need to go more often, it's that how you get better. But Natalie is all ready pretty good I do have to say. She got blades for Christmas 2007 from her Grandma that was her big gift. Thanks to her, Natalie just loves them. We just need to use they more often. So here are some pictures I toke of that night. I don't think she want me to bug her with taking pictures. She just gave some of the weirdest looks but i still try because i just love taking her pic. She well thank me one of these days, RIGHT.

Here are some of video's of the night.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Forth tooth lost..Isn't that great!!!

SMILE BIG FOR ME! Oh that's it, Thanks..

I think it well take a long time before all her teeth come out!
We are only on num.4, a long way to go.

She's getting so big. I hope she will forgive me!
For doing this. I was only trying to HELP.

Sorry, there was a lot of blood. And this is what she did to stop the bleeding.
Oh silly one she is!

She was not to happy with me, but I had to act fast or else. I just know it had to be done.
I don't think she would have done it her slef. Thats why I had to step in. So i just pull on it and out it came....

Natalie showing her tooth off for me! She is just so cute. She makes me soo HAPPY, you know.
Yeah we did it. Well that is it, I did it. You know that tooth, I have been trying to get out since Christmas. Well I have been trying to get her to do it but no luck. so I had to take matters in my own hands, in a way she hates me for doing so. Some one has to. I was afraid it was going to stay in forever.. I just hope it will not be as bad next time. THAT WAS EASY! I LOVE YOU Natalie Anne :) Mommy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve"WHAT FUN"

What a great day for a new year's party!:)

Eating all together....
Thanks Natalie your doing great..

Natalie thought i needed a make-over.
Well she did do a better job at my hair then i did..

So do i look good!:)

We all got together to get our pictures taken
Way cute.. guys

This is our funny one...
What do you think.
Me and Renee
Playing go fish..
The I spy cards that my aunt Caroline gave me.
We sure did have lots of fun that night...
I am Sitting in front of the t.v
with Jordan...

Our New Years kiss...:)

All of the kids, lets us take your picture..
It's that time of year. When you know It's coming to end. Oh know what ever do we do!ahhhhh. HELP? Well here's how our night went. Lots of picture's were taken.. Thanks holly for letting us join you guys on this new years day. Lots of fun.. HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU ALL!!!

I's all about sleding........weeeeee

What a great day to have a sledding party. It was so busy lots of people every were. But all in all we still had so much.



What should i do?

Natalie and Renee going down

So cute girls..

I all most hit this poll but i got
to her just in time....

Sitting around having a great time in
the snow..

We love you Sarah oh yes we do!!

Me and Renee going down
I think it was to fast for me!!

my fingers they hurt..

I just love hot cocoa..

Thanks Sarah for
asking us to come.

Looking in side what do you see

We are making snow angels....

We had lots of fun doing this..

This is what they look like when you get up!

So many cute faces!!

Look at me know..


I fell.......

Making snowmen....

Going down...

That was fun...

What a great day we had. Thanks for aunt Sarah. WE just love hanging out with you Sarah. Sure glad we got to go and bring our good friend Renne. so sweet! Is always a joy to be around! Thanks Renee.