Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Choc A Block. The Schools Play.

Look at what make-up dose to a nine year old..lol

Looking good there Natalie.. (good luck)

Oh waiting just watching..

The gang.. They did so great up there.. Getting better every time.

Show them how it's done. What a dancer she is coming.

She is so CUTE up there.. Such a pro..

The football dance!!They did awesome job.

Just look at that big smile she has. That's why I love her!

Thanks to the Weakleys for coming and supporting us.
The show turned out great.

You can't have a show with out your flowers and balloons. To say you did a great job! Well that's what Natalie would say.lol This is Natalie's 2nd school play she has been in. She is already a pro. in my eyes. She is the famous one! She played lot this time in the play. I just love watching her up there on the stage. Too cute!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Birtday a little to late.. Do I have to be 32...

Making our own pizza..
4 dinner.
All done.. Yum Yum!!

Know it's time to make Natalie's clock. Thanks to Caroline for setting it up for the family.. And me of cause for buying Natalie a clock... It will look great when we get done.. But that will be in a few weeks... Sing Happy Birthday to me.
Blow them all out... Don't we look cute it this picture.... We all look so cute in this one... I guess Natalie was not so ready for her picture to be taken...lol Thanks to all who came to my b-day. What a great day it was, I fill so love to be a part of this family.. Well when we get the clocks done I will post it then.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A day to remember. My SweetHeart!

AH, Breakfast in bed.. {THANKS}
Oh the coupon book I got for Christmas.. I loving using it.. This one is breakfast in bed.. Oatmeal, it was good.
Natalie's gifts. One of the movies she likes, and a book I made her. It is all of our Valentine's pic. over the past 9 years... Love it!!!!
Sassy girl... Just look at her EYES....
AH, a Mother's love is the Best... Together 4 ever....
Grandma's hugs

Grandpa's love!!
All the pretty stuff my Daughter, made for me.. So sweet..
Cooking again!! Easy Bake..
Spreading it all on.. Looking good..
I fill so blessed.. I am so grateful. I am so Lucky as Mom to have the Best child ever.... I Love You Natalie... Happy Valentine's day....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day at Natalie's school. With lunch from her MOM.

Beautiful Girl!
She is quit the poser...
Love her SMILE...

Showing off her HAIR.....
I made a lunch visit at Natalie's school..
Natalie and Baylee.. Too cute together...
Playing well together..
All my Valentine's, in this big heart that I made at school.. What a great it is for Valentine's Day. I just love this Holiday, you get to be with your sweetheart.. And tell them how much you love and appreciate them... Well thats about it!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Joana And The Whale!!! This was the play we got to go see.

Well it's a Saturday, and what better thing to do then go to a play.. I don't know about you guys out there but I just love a good play. All most more than a movie, there just so real like. lol Well we 4 tickets to the play so that means that our hole family could go.. Yahooo! I say this because my Dad and Mom are the ones who get to go a lot of the time.. So when we all get to go it's a real treat for us!! Well this time Natalie got to bring a friend Renee. This was Renee's first play, she love it.. But I still wish Mom could have gone, she would have love it.. We got to meet the cast people, get pictures (witch I can't fine right now) that was cool. There were some real actors in the play, pretty neat.. And one of the cool parts was we got a c.d for freeee. Cause we had 4 ticket, pretty sweet. And you know what I think the tickets were free too. But not so sure, my Dad dose win a lot of stuff on the radio or online. That's why my parents are the ones who always goes to this kind of stuff.. Well good for him I guess!! Well I most go know i am just talking to talk. But thanks for listening to me.. ENJOY!!( Anne-Mourie :) P.S when I find the pic. if I find the pic. I will put them up.. Cause there CUTE..