Monday, August 24, 2009

It's my sisters b-day.. Happy birthday Caroline!!

To my BEAUTIFUL sister CAROLINE... It's all about you to day!! Was she so CUTE as a BABY are what.... :) And she still is..
This is all of us GIRLS when we were so little... It is so so cute of us all together back then.. I can't believe that was in the 90's. It sure seem like it just happened lol. We sure did have some great times.....

This Is a pic. of Caroline when we went camping and the only recent pic. I found. I have of her.She is always there For you and knows how to make you laugh I just love so much There are just so many things I love about my SISTER but I don't have all day to tell them to you.. She just so awesome and I love her so.. She Is good at everything she does and is so great at sewing she does it all.. She makes Natalie dresses, Halloween customs, clothes for her doll and much much more she sure does put a lot of time it to all her WORK she does! Thanks again for being a great friend, sister and Auntie to my Natalie we sure do love having you in our FAMILY... You are going to make the best MOMMY in the world I just know it, you just have a lot a love to give to all..I love you CAROLINE!!! Know it is Natalie's turn to talk about you and tell you how much she loves you!!! :) Well I want to start out with a knock knock joke.. knock- knock. who's there? Eddy. Eddy who? Eddy body got a tissue? I've got a cold. There you go Caroline I know it is a little silly but I thought it was cute cause your dog is named Eddy.. You are so nice and fun to be around. When ever you come over you let me play on Mark's iPhone!!!!!!!!! lol. And I just love that thank you lots. I love you so so much Caroline.. Your always so sweet to me and know how to take care of me.. Thanks! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The first day of school!! :) Here we go!

Getting ready for school I think we should cruel it! Very nice..

She has a very sweet SMILE! I just love her...

We are driving in the car as I take her on the first day of school. Am I ready to let her go in to the 3rd grade.. lol She is so smart I am sure she will do so well. I give her lots of good luck..

She is walking away from me. She is get so BIG I don't know what to do..

I just love her FACE in this pic. just not sure what she is doing.... But showing us her cute side...

I can't believe she is going in to the 3rd grade!! Where has all the time gone. It was just yesterday that she was getting on the BUS to go in to KINDERGARTEN.... :( What am I going to do she growing way to fast for I will say this she turning in to quit the lady. I do have to say! I could go on and one but I wont, but I will say that I love and appreciate all she does for her family. :) Natalie I am so proud of you and all you do your the best.. You go GIRL! Mommy loves you...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our family is coming to town, & we are going camping.

This was so cute all the KIDS! It's picture time with the Cousins. They just came up from C.A.
And we are going CAMPing with the family. One more family outing before Natalie starts school. Were has our summer gone to. lol This in the car ride up there. Hello any buddy there. lol
Sorry I did not take that many this time! But this was taken on Thursday before we go to the lake. Just to cute..
Benson at the LAKE Is he cute or what..
Natalie playing hard at the lake in the SAND. To cute..
The kids brought there KITEs to play with in the wind. I like this pic. They got there kites way up HIGH! Looks cool..
My Mom my sister and my brother went to the other side of the lake. Great swimmers. I even tyred but I was not so successful I all most DIED... coming back from trying to do this dumb thing I am never doing it again! It was not so SMART........
On our way home from camping we got to stop at GRANNY'S drive in to EAT dinner.... It was so much FUN........
And we got to EAT.... at the PARK....
And play there!
Are they cute or what. This was at the park there and I want to get a pic..
And know it is time to leave the park. But they wanted to stay...
Grandpa & Grandson... Is this to cute, so happy
Thanks Dad for all you did to make this happen for us and your family... Great times we have together. Great times forever...
And a big thanks for Ben and his family for coming up to spend time with US.......

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A pool party. Way to busy & very cold...

We had such a good and fun day. One of our last days in the sun before school starts just a very cold one to say the lest! We Got to see a lot of cool people that day! And enjoyed our self's very much. Cold or no cold Natalie just loves the water to death. Here is Natalie do her flip off the diving board she did so good but this time she did hurt her back a little.. She coming crying to me in the water I felt so bad I asked her to do it.. But she did do a good job though.. I was proud of her.. I love this girl to pieces! MOM :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

A shopping trip With Grandma. Lots of FUN!

I just love her look in these PICTUREs
She is sure cute in her new school clothes.. School is coming to soon for us, she wants summer to stay for ever... SORRY!

Oh yea she got a new hair cut to.. What do you think, she has never been this short since she was little. I do miss her long hair. It is time to start growing her hair out.. It's been to long.

She is quite the poser She is. She loves to do fun stuff like that when I take her pic. I love it!!

Grandma loves to take Natalie out shopping To get one school outfit for the new school year. It sure makes her fill special to get that time with her Grandma. We sure do love her and the love she gives her!! Thanks MOM I love you!! She is sure going to look good this year.. 3rd grade her we come.... :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Num. 7 TOOTH has finally come out of there.. Hope there is more to come real soon..

Look at my big mouth... She is so cute

I am so proud of you for doing this all by your self..
You are getting so BIG!!!
Well this has been a very slow process for her on getting her teeth to come out of her mouth..
But one by one they will come out...... But it seems like it is 1 to 2 a year for us.. But I guess that works.. She is still the cutest thing ever. lol! That's cause I am her mother I have to say that.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The fun things we did at Alpine Days....

Having FUN on the sipslide with Lot's of soap to go down on. It is so much fun being a kid..

Thank goodness they made it down safe! lol

I had a good time at Alpine days water games on Friday.. We go every year..

I loved this cool pink CAR so I had to get a pic. We just love watching the parade for Alpine days on Saturday..

I like this one a lot. It was cool to see the Temple going down the street. They did a good job on it.

Natalie's fave ice cream place to go get ice cream.. When ever we go...

We got to get a wrist band that let us play on the toys there. Looks like fun hitting everyone to the ground...

They are just so so CUTE.. The girls got to eat craps there they loved it. It sure did not take then that long to eat them that's for sure. lol

Sliding down way to fast for me.. The girls are a having a ball!!

I think they were a little wet in my mind, and the sad thing it was cold out side. Poor girls it was so cold out,

Know we are on too face painting lookin good Natalie.. I can't wait to see what you got.

It looks good I love the colors you picked looks good on you. :)
Thanks Kate for hanging out with us at the park we have Lot's of fun great times!
It sure was a long Saturday but good.. Just so much to do so little time..

I have to say this was going to be something fun to have in our family. Try something different, it is good for kids to take care of pets and do stuff like this..Well last time we got a pet as well but it would not eat and never come out of it's shell. :( So it just gave up and died it was so sad for Natalie. :( So we thought we could do frogs well yea it was fun, but not so fun when we saw one died. Oh no what do we do oh well we still have one more left it will be OK.. well I was wrong I thought it was OK but I guess it was not.:( It too died, I guess we are not pet people but Natalie loves having pets oh what do I do! Not much I can Do right know. I fill so bad though for Natalie. Oh one more thing the frogs did not eat as well whats up with that. Well sorry this post has taken me so long to post it but I guess I am so busy. well when I was blogging about our day I sure had no idea that our pets would not make it cause the lady who solid them to us said that can live up to 15 years. So I did not think something like this would happen so soon...:( Thanks.
This is a sure cute video. she even name then.. So cute!