Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maia's blessing with the family..At the Josephs house.

Natalie showing off to all of us before we are leaving to go home. Isn't she so good. This pic. is in the wrong place but I forgot to get it in and i want to show you her sweet moves.Grandpa playing with Jaren and visiting with April. So glad they got to come to Utah. And enjoy in all of our fun family stuff. I just wish they could stay longer.
Uncle Josh got to spent time with Maia. It was a mad house every one wanted to hold her.
Thanks Josh for coming down. It's all was good to see you.
My love Natalie. Great faces we gave the camera. lol
I love getting my pic. Taken with Natalie but so much from her thought. lol
What is the sun doing to our pic.
Any way it is still a great one thanks Natalie for taking a lot of great shouts.
she sure loves taking pic.
Sarah's the greatest. Thanks for giving us a great party.. Love ya.
Sweet Picture. What that's how it always is.
Mark & Caroline.
A Grandmas love is priceless.. So sweet!
These are the best sun flowers I have seen. What a great pic. Thanks Sarah.
Crazy pose. But still cute.
I think they forgot to look at The camera. But not the baby's..
Thanks to Sarah & Matt for a great day! Great job on being great parents to Maia. Love u guys.

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