Saturday, August 8, 2009

The fun things we did at Alpine Days....

Having FUN on the sipslide with Lot's of soap to go down on. It is so much fun being a kid..

Thank goodness they made it down safe! lol

I had a good time at Alpine days water games on Friday.. We go every year..

I loved this cool pink CAR so I had to get a pic. We just love watching the parade for Alpine days on Saturday..

I like this one a lot. It was cool to see the Temple going down the street. They did a good job on it.

Natalie's fave ice cream place to go get ice cream.. When ever we go...

We got to get a wrist band that let us play on the toys there. Looks like fun hitting everyone to the ground...

They are just so so CUTE.. The girls got to eat craps there they loved it. It sure did not take then that long to eat them that's for sure. lol

Sliding down way to fast for me.. The girls are a having a ball!!

I think they were a little wet in my mind, and the sad thing it was cold out side. Poor girls it was so cold out,

Know we are on too face painting lookin good Natalie.. I can't wait to see what you got.

It looks good I love the colors you picked looks good on you. :)
Thanks Kate for hanging out with us at the park we have Lot's of fun great times!
It sure was a long Saturday but good.. Just so much to do so little time..

I have to say this was going to be something fun to have in our family. Try something different, it is good for kids to take care of pets and do stuff like this..Well last time we got a pet as well but it would not eat and never come out of it's shell. :( So it just gave up and died it was so sad for Natalie. :( So we thought we could do frogs well yea it was fun, but not so fun when we saw one died. Oh no what do we do oh well we still have one more left it will be OK.. well I was wrong I thought it was OK but I guess it was not.:( It too died, I guess we are not pet people but Natalie loves having pets oh what do I do! Not much I can Do right know. I fill so bad though for Natalie. Oh one more thing the frogs did not eat as well whats up with that. Well sorry this post has taken me so long to post it but I guess I am so busy. well when I was blogging about our day I sure had no idea that our pets would not make it cause the lady who solid them to us said that can live up to 15 years. So I did not think something like this would happen so soon...:( Thanks.
This is a sure cute video. she even name then.. So cute!

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