Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

She got a hold of the camera, oh no taking anther fame's shot of her self..

What a fun place to go, she just has a ball there. Well 2 buck Tuesday was not so bad ether.
Oh yeah baby!!
To big for words...
She brought them 2 by 2..
Well done looks like you had fun...{one happy kid}
She was trying to run away from me.. Oh ya we were playing hide-and-seek.
Off to the bear cave, oh scary..
My cute little bar cub....

I just love all the pretty flowers the had...
It's the lighthouse lady...
To cool...There water falls are just so Amazonian. Every were you walk you ran in to one..
Sweet, it would be so much fun to play in.. We have do much to be grateful for. Thanks Mom & Dad for taking us there and having lots of fun..
This is the best, ice cream face. She has know idea, she might hate me for this one when she gets older.. Well that's that, school is going great and it's nice to get out and party still.. lol. Well I can't believe August is coming to a end. Time goes by so fast. Thanks again for letting us get ice cream....

Friday, August 27, 2010

We just got the passes of al passes.... All year long.

So happy is she, she is going to play laser tag.. I guess you can say it is something she loves...
Here I a come, I am going to get you...
Look out, here she comes...
I got ya, you are going down now..
Yes we are so happy. Love spending time with the Weakleys.

I know my face is not looking so hot, I am having fun. So are the kids having fun.. I am so glad we are getting to use our passes a lot... It is our Friday night fun...
GOOD TIMES.. Thanks to Kirsten for helping us get them.. They are the best. We are so glad we have good Friends around us..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My baby's first day of the fourth grade!!!

The back of her hair.. Natalie asked for it, it turned out great.
Our new deck.. What do you think. Not sure who she is talking to. She is one happy kid, not sure I am ready to let her go..
Love when she picks up a book a can't put it down.. Yes proud Mommy.
Still not done. Come on school starts..
Put the book down lets go..
It's time to let her go.. I know she will do great..
Happy happy joy joy..
Just look how big she is getting.. So how does the time fly by so fast.
The time has come, and know it's time to say good.. Good luck, my sweet the girl..
I just know she is going to do her best.. She is one smart girl.. What will I ever do.. I am one happy Mom..
I Show up for lunch to see how the first day was going.. Something I like to do for her once in a blue. I think she likes it a lot.. We sure do have some fun times... This is going to be one great year...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our adventure to the water park...

We had fun in the, thanks to the Weakleys for being there with us. They know how to make fun look good. As you can see with the pic. I posted we were having a Lot's of FUN. The best part was it was free. Well not the pizza, but it was still good, thanks to Kirsten.(Your the best.)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Enjoying the lost days of Summer. Also time to get ready for School.

I just his Look. He is too cool.

Having fun in the sun..

She most have pushed me.. Help!!

To funny for words. I most say I got it just Right..

It's like she is sitting on water.. FUN FUN!!

She sure love going down the slide... It was the best day for us to end the Summer, thanks April for asking us to join you guys. love it..

My Teacher is going to Miss Lee.. There was just a little mix up, and her new Teacher is Miss Black.. I head she is pretty good.

Natalie is having lots of fun putting her new stuff in her new backpack... Getting ready for school is so much fun to do.

Here is my new shirts my Mom got me for for the new year.. I think she loves them..

My new shoes and my pair of pants.. I did good this year.. I had lots of fun doing her school shopping. I just can't believe she is all ready going in to the 4TH grade.. She is too big for words, and to smart for own words.. Yes I am one proud Mommy..