Thursday, November 27, 2008


thanks mom for this great turkey day ! thank you Natalie i love u!

that's our josh what a great bro. and uncle you are. you are such a tease to Natalie and the family. we just love having you in our family!

we took some great pics. for this day of great thanks. with lots of food you can't go wrong, and just being with your family. it's our family tradition to go to the movies and then pick out our tree then decorate the tree but as we get older things change and we mix them around and do things a little different. so on thanksgiving we just had josh, me, Natalie and mom&dad so this year we went to the movie today. and mom kind of dose the tree here self these days with the little help of Natalie and it is done. so all and all we had a great day! i am get my tree up in a few days if i play my cards right! thanks again for listen to us. have a happy day.

My day of halloween,08

mom is trying to make my hair stick up
make a wish and blow out the candle!
do you like what i am having for breakfast!
let me put more make-up on please !
my mom is taking me out to lunch for my birthday
we went to Wendy's. it was fun but had to rush back to get ready for the
schools parade!

that's me as a vampire and theres my teacher miss. Walter
and the rest of my class mates
i had so much fun at my party, with lot of games ,candy and just not doing any work we like that !
lets play bingo! i did get some bingo's
my mom got me cup cakes for my class and they sang for me once more it was so nice
my aunt Sarah came over and we made cup cakes oh what fun.
she is so nice she always gives my nice gifts thinks Sarah!
this is from my teachers at church and Hannah too.they are so great thanks guys

more gifts mom do i need more gifts do i
thanks aunt Caroline for all you do for me i could not have done this with out you

me and Hannah Montana
you look great Sarah
just look at how cute i am
mom can i suck
your blood before we go out please! well i guess so .
watch out for the spiders!
i walk around to get you candy!

so who lives here!
sorry it's so late but i still want to show you how cute we looked on Halloween. we had lots of fun that day. i just can not believe she is all ready 8 has it been that long. so here are some of the pics. of what went on that day i hope you like them as much as i do.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

odd pics. of natalie,kate,and mom

now don't hug her to tight Natalie i know how you love to do that!
Natalie you know how to make the cutest pics.

try to sleep now Natalie, i know it is hard to do that when your with Katie

this is a great pic of Katie and mom. they love to spend time together and have lots of fun!

i just love this pic. of my mommy she loves to read. it is hard to get her away from a great book
i just love to kiss my aunt Katie, she is so cute. do you know she lets me sleep in her bed almost every night? but somehow she forgets she has a hard time sleeping because i kick and move sooo much. but she keeps bringing me back though!

is this sweet or what? i just love them together, they always look cute

Katie may get mad at me for this pic. but i don't think she can ever take a bad pic. and i love it!

My aunt Kate is the best! she took us to get our nails done and they turned out good. I love going out with her because she takes good care of me and spoils me so much. look who is kissing me now! Thank You Katie we love you
I love it when you smile! i have always told her "remember to always have a smile on your face, you look better that way "

Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Hair day at school

So what do you think of my crazy hair?!
My mommy did it and i think it looks pretty awesome.
maybe next year I'll get to decide how i do it for crazy hair day! I say no to the flower, it looked better when we took it out.

We did lots of braids, buns, ponytails and clips all over to make a crazy hair style. then we found green hair spray to make it more wild looking! my mom worked hard on it the night before and i was sure hoping it would stay in all night, and it did! thank goodness... it may not have been the most ideal hair for a comfortable sleep, sorry Natalie!

thanks for my crazy hair mom, it's nice to know you care!

Crazy hair and an even crazier face! Blah!

I just love those big eyes of yours! gorgeous!

i think you are the cutest thing I've ever seen!
i just hope she wins... i will let you know

what a cute smile you have!
Every year they do fun contests for red ribbon week, including a crazy hair day. so i worked hard on her hair in hopes that she would win this year. this is her 3rd year and i know that one of these years she will win for the craziest hair. for us it was, but to her class it was not. her classmates got to be the judges of all the students hair. but what do they know anyways, right? j/k but i am sure she still had a good time doing it. and finally, I'd like to say sorry for my late blogs. i just get so busy with life and like to just post everything on it of all we do so if i take a pic. you just might see hope that's OK. thanks, that's all for know Anne 10-22-08

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going toCornBelly's with friends

Posing with the pumpkins and scarecrow. Don't for get to smile and look up at me! What a great day to start out at thanksgiving point. The kids got the weekend off so we went to go play and it was way way way fun!
Natalie,Renee,Jake,meg,and lance

Farmer Joe! don't drive too fast!
Mommy and I waiting to get our faces painted
..what will they be?
first part of a butterfly. lets see what come next..
all most there... what cool colors!
Oh! and there we go, it looks great!
I love to jump on the big ball. There's just so many kids! lol
weeee! this is fun, just not too fast please!
Smile and pose!
All the girls with pumpkin princess
Corn belly's does rock! right kids? boy that was hard to get us
all on but so much fun to try to rock the chair!
we love our pics taken right! lol
my cute dog that was made for me and my hand!
is this carriage ride for me! ?
i love to play in the sand where ever i go!
do i stand as tall as a pumpkin? almost!
what a cute farm guys!
look i am a pumpkin! oh so cute!

we had soo much fun there. we did lots of stuff . What activity shall we do first? Or should we just run around till you find one? ha! But I'm not sure i can keep you all together so please don't get lost, there are soo many kids! 10-16-08