Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Hair day at school

So what do you think of my crazy hair?!
My mommy did it and i think it looks pretty awesome.
maybe next year I'll get to decide how i do it for crazy hair day! I say no to the flower, it looked better when we took it out.

We did lots of braids, buns, ponytails and clips all over to make a crazy hair style. then we found green hair spray to make it more wild looking! my mom worked hard on it the night before and i was sure hoping it would stay in all night, and it did! thank goodness... it may not have been the most ideal hair for a comfortable sleep, sorry Natalie!

thanks for my crazy hair mom, it's nice to know you care!

Crazy hair and an even crazier face! Blah!

I just love those big eyes of yours! gorgeous!

i think you are the cutest thing I've ever seen!
i just hope she wins... i will let you know

what a cute smile you have!
Every year they do fun contests for red ribbon week, including a crazy hair day. so i worked hard on her hair in hopes that she would win this year. this is her 3rd year and i know that one of these years she will win for the craziest hair. for us it was, but to her class it was not. her classmates got to be the judges of all the students hair. but what do they know anyways, right? j/k but i am sure she still had a good time doing it. and finally, I'd like to say sorry for my late blogs. i just get so busy with life and like to just post everything on it of all we do so if i take a pic. you just might see hope that's OK. thanks, that's all for know Anne 10-22-08


Kirsten said...

your hair is awesome. i am surprised you didn't win. you won in my eyes.
just something to look forward to next year, right.

amber johnson said...

Great job on the hair. She's a cutie even when her hair is CRAZY!!!

Angie said...

OH MY GOODness! You went all out for Crazy Hair day! Her hair is great!! Next year we're going to try harder. We might need your