Thursday, November 27, 2008


thanks mom for this great turkey day ! thank you Natalie i love u!

that's our josh what a great bro. and uncle you are. you are such a tease to Natalie and the family. we just love having you in our family!

we took some great pics. for this day of great thanks. with lots of food you can't go wrong, and just being with your family. it's our family tradition to go to the movies and then pick out our tree then decorate the tree but as we get older things change and we mix them around and do things a little different. so on thanksgiving we just had josh, me, Natalie and mom&dad so this year we went to the movie today. and mom kind of dose the tree here self these days with the little help of Natalie and it is done. so all and all we had a great day! i am get my tree up in a few days if i play my cards right! thanks again for listen to us. have a happy day.

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Mark and Caroline said...

i wish i could have been there for thanksgiving. it's hard deviding the holiday. but my heart is always home with you guys, sitting next to dad, eating moms turky, laughing as josh shows the table his food, and hugging natalie, and laughing at annes jokes. you're awesome anne.