Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Build A Bear with aunt Katie

Katie, Natalie and there bunny they just stuffed

know they have to pick out a name for there bunny

that's my grandma she has to help to

i think that is a lot of stuff for my bunny what do you think mom

we just love family pics were ever we are

Thanks Katie for my bunny it was a gift for my birthday. We had so much fun
did you know it was there first time do this hole build a bear think. We
will just have to come back they just love it to much. Well it will have to be much latter then
you think cause she has three of them.As if she loves them right well she dose so this is what she named her bunny it is so silly we it is "little bunny foofoo" you know like that song in fact she sings it all the time but she loves to sing and listen to music. 10-11-08

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