Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going toCornBelly's with friends

Posing with the pumpkins and scarecrow. Don't for get to smile and look up at me! What a great day to start out at thanksgiving point. The kids got the weekend off so we went to go play and it was way way way fun!
Natalie,Renee,Jake,meg,and lance

Farmer Joe! don't drive too fast!
Mommy and I waiting to get our faces painted
..what will they be?
first part of a butterfly. lets see what come next..
all most there... what cool colors!
Oh! and there we go, it looks great!
I love to jump on the big ball. There's just so many kids! lol
weeee! this is fun, just not too fast please!
Smile and pose!
All the girls with pumpkin princess
Corn belly's does rock! right kids? boy that was hard to get us
all on but so much fun to try to rock the chair!
we love our pics taken right! lol
my cute dog that was made for me and my hand!
is this carriage ride for me! ?
i love to play in the sand where ever i go!
do i stand as tall as a pumpkin? almost!
what a cute farm guys!
look i am a pumpkin! oh so cute!

we had soo much fun there. we did lots of stuff . What activity shall we do first? Or should we just run around till you find one? ha! But I'm not sure i can keep you all together so please don't get lost, there are soo many kids! 10-16-08

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Mark and Caroline said...

ok that face paint was so cute. well worth whatever you paid. i love all the pictures. you are so good at always having your camera, i always forget it and therefore don't have too many things to put in my blog. way to go.