Sunday, November 9, 2008

my weekend to wolf creek with the girls

i just love holding the baby Helen

My weekend get away was great with lots of food , talking and just being girls. We did lots of scrap booking, crafts, t.v and just working with your hands and time to just get away from life and have fun. So all my friends who came were Lynette, Michelle, Amber and me of course. Stephanie, Marlene, Erica and Kirsten and her baby, Helen. We went there for Kirsten's birthday to get away. We girls go there every year and have been for 3 years. Its just so much fun. As i do all the time is check up on Natalie on the phone to see how she was doing, my dad was watching her and she had to go to her friends house while my dad went to dinner. Her friend just moved in to a new house and i was asking her how it was and and what she was doing she said it was not like a house i never seen before, i start to laugh and she said what and i said you are just so funny to me that's all i just love kids they say the cutes things and they don't even know it some times i just love her.she is so funny it just cracks me up. well that's all for a long weekend of fun for know time to go back to being a mom know so much fun.

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