Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting ready for the big day!!Truning 8

Natalie's birthday was one week before her actual birthday. So here we are getting ready and I, her mom, want to let her open a gift so she can have it for her party. i want her to look her best for it and so i gave that one present. But then she asked if that was all she gets right now and i said,"yes, you'll get the rest in a week when its your actual bday!'' I swear, they seem so ungrateful sometimes! But of course i love her, that's why i get her the gifts in the first place! She kept her eyes closed the whole time she was unwrapping it because she did not want to see it until it was completely open. She's so silly! It was the cutest dress and so of course, she looked adorable at her party! Then she started asking,"If i get a present early, why isn't it the biggest one?" So i finally gave in and ended up letting her unwrap her big present at the party. ( Hannah Montana Barbie and accessories). I tried to keep it simple! Why kids think they need everything is beyond me! But as we always say "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

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Mark and Caroline said...

oh, that's cute. love all the pictures. keep it up girlfreind. but may be you should ask dad to edit your posts for you. mark has to edit mine before i post cause i don't have very good speling or punctuation. love you sweety.