Sunday, September 27, 2009

Carolines & Marks new baby- Scott Jay Ellis. :)

Waiting and waiting is always FUN.....
I just love this picture... Don't you!
A happy Katie as well, waiting to see the new BABY..
Oh the happy FAMILY! And know it is over for know any way. Way to go you guys.. We are so HAPPY for you.....
AND 20" LONG!!!!! B-DAY IS STEP 27,09 (5:36 PM)
Are they cute are what.. I say so.
What a PROUD...... MOM...... you are.....
Know it is time to get his foot print... To cute...
Oh and Sarah & Matt with their little girl came too. So cute. Know there is 7 grand kids in our family.. Yahoo! But you never know there might be more on the WAY..... :) Well I guess I shell tell you why Natalie & I did not come down.. Well first of all I did not know every body was and that we were having a baby.. Plus she was all the way In Salt Lake which I was not wanting to drive all the way there... (sorry Caroline) Plus I was getting over be sick and did not want that to be a pro.. Well Caroline and Mark I just want to tell you how proud I am of you guys.. You will make such great parents... We love you guys so much & the cute sweet baby..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Natalie's first BYU Game. So we think..

Yahoooo it's a BYU game and I am going!!

Our long walk to the game. We got my face painted..
Is she cute are what.. Why to show some team spirit...

When we got there Cosmo was out side so we got a picture..That was fun and way cool..

The BAND.. Lets get started... Go team Go...

Oh don't they look so cute together!!!

And us as well....YES

oh yea Ben's family came down from CA.
For the game as well.. Yahoo I just love it when they come and visit..

Benson is the cutest kid I have ever seen.... He has the best smile ever...

And so does Natalie... love you guys!

They are having to much fun..Wait, watch the game..

Oh sorry my brother was there as well..
Love you Josh.. It's always nice to see you...

Well OK you by know we won the game 42 to 23. I guess BYU is doing great this year.. Way to go BYU great game. Thanks DAD for taking us along... We love you Lot's and all you do for us... :) Your the greatest...

Lets go already we have a long walk a Head of us.... :(
Natalie just Love's her cousins. It sure is great when they are here... Thanks

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Helen's 1st BIRTHDAY.. And we got invited...

Natalie just Love's PLAYING with Helen..We all got to go swimming on her b-day. We all had a good time. She just Love's water..

And has to hold her all the time to..
So so cute they are..

I think they are getting COLD..
But still so cute..

OMG!! She so cute. She had a Strawberry short cake
Birthday. It trued out great. Thanks Kirsten!! :)

Isaac was playing with me, we were sure being silly..
Love this boy..

We are getting ready to blow out the candles!!

So So cute you too. She is such a great MOM.

Helen was having to much fun and eating up all the cake..

Renee and Natalie having a great time.
Best of friends.. :)

Opening all her gifts I am sure she love doing this...
I have know Helen all her life so it was nice to be a part in all this..
i just love seeing her smile when ever you come in to the run. She always has big arms for you to cute.. So this is for you Helen, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. We love you Lot's.... :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Field trip to the Utah State Fair!!!

This was our first time going to the state fair. It was so much fun and so much to see. We did not even see it all I guess you can say we got LOST..But I had fun doing it am not so sure the girls did. I was a leader and I got to take some girls and go were ever we wanted to well I guess that's why we could not fine where we were It sure is fun being a 3rd grader. So on the bus ride to school Natalie was tryed to take a NAP and I was trying to get a good pic. but I could not. Kids are so fun I just love them.. Thanks for coming to our BLOG.I hope you Enjoy it. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a SOCCER game, & we all most missed it.So here's our story!

I am so MAD at my self I for got the camera! Grrrrr
So that's why I have these instead. First of all this is what happen. We got up like so on a Saturday we take our time we eat watch T.V my be clean. We thats what I want to do but the my phone went off oh my gosh I forgot we have a soccer game in one hour can we make it. YES.
So we got home and I want to share our story with you guys. We are so bad this season with soccer that we forgot our first GAME. Well we had family our and I forgot to check my EMAIL. GRRRR oh well that's life right so now I am all ready for the games know I have them in my PHONE.. But still we had to MISS our 2 game well we went to Salt Lake for the weekend.. Lot's of FUN right... So to day we made it to our FIRST game... YEA.... Well that's that now time to play some BALL!!! I hope we sure have a get year... I am so proud of you Natalie for giving it your all and playing all.. I just hope I have learn my lessen NOT to forget the CAMERA.... :) Anne!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Three Forks Hot Springs Trail in Sanish Fork W/ the Weakleys!!!

This was our ride home the kids were tired need food and sleep. Natalie was sitting by me while she was eating her food she keep go a sleep. it was so funny of her. It was just hard for me to get the pic. just right.. Kids are so cute I love it...

This was the beginning of a very long HIKE and very long DAY... But sure one you won't for get. We sure did get some cool pics. though and saw some COWS along the way that was sure FUN for the KIDS..... We even got LOST that was sure FUN... Well the FUNNY thing is we DROVE right pass it and LOOKED at it and said NO that's not it, even though there lots of CARS. ha ha. We got to WALK in the DARK that was a lot of FUN. (NOT) Well first Natalie fell a few time's and with that comes WAaaaaaaaaaaa ya you said it she almost CRYed the whole time yea that was Lot's of fun.. Yes I did fill so bad for her but, come the whole time NO. but other then that it was a BLAST for the PAST.. lol Well for me any way I wants walk this TRAIL when I was pregnant with Natalie and it to was a night both ways I sure don't know how I did it. Cause it was HARD !!!!!! It was COOL to have taken her there... :)I think the KIDS like it there.. Thanks to Kirsten and her family for letting us be a part in your family night... Here's to GREAT TIMES.