Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a SOCCER game, & we all most missed it.So here's our story!

I am so MAD at my self I for got the camera! Grrrrr
So that's why I have these instead. First of all this is what happen. We got up like so on a Saturday we take our time we eat watch T.V my be clean. We thats what I want to do but the my phone went off oh my gosh I forgot we have a soccer game in one hour can we make it. YES.
So we got home and I want to share our story with you guys. We are so bad this season with soccer that we forgot our first GAME. Well we had family our and I forgot to check my EMAIL. GRRRR oh well that's life right so now I am all ready for the games know I have them in my PHONE.. But still we had to MISS our 2 game well we went to Salt Lake for the weekend.. Lot's of FUN right... So to day we made it to our FIRST game... YEA.... Well that's that now time to play some BALL!!! I hope we sure have a get year... I am so proud of you Natalie for giving it your all and playing all.. I just hope I have learn my lessen NOT to forget the CAMERA.... :) Anne!!

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