Monday, September 7, 2009

Three Forks Hot Springs Trail in Sanish Fork W/ the Weakleys!!!

This was our ride home the kids were tired need food and sleep. Natalie was sitting by me while she was eating her food she keep go a sleep. it was so funny of her. It was just hard for me to get the pic. just right.. Kids are so cute I love it...

This was the beginning of a very long HIKE and very long DAY... But sure one you won't for get. We sure did get some cool pics. though and saw some COWS along the way that was sure FUN for the KIDS..... We even got LOST that was sure FUN... Well the FUNNY thing is we DROVE right pass it and LOOKED at it and said NO that's not it, even though there lots of CARS. ha ha. We got to WALK in the DARK that was a lot of FUN. (NOT) Well first Natalie fell a few time's and with that comes WAaaaaaaaaaaa ya you said it she almost CRYed the whole time yea that was Lot's of fun.. Yes I did fill so bad for her but, come the whole time NO. but other then that it was a BLAST for the PAST.. lol Well for me any way I wants walk this TRAIL when I was pregnant with Natalie and it to was a night both ways I sure don't know how I did it. Cause it was HARD !!!!!! It was COOL to have taken her there... :)I think the KIDS like it there.. Thanks to Kirsten and her family for letting us be a part in your family night... Here's to GREAT TIMES.

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