Thursday, September 24, 2009

Helen's 1st BIRTHDAY.. And we got invited...

Natalie just Love's PLAYING with Helen..We all got to go swimming on her b-day. We all had a good time. She just Love's water..

And has to hold her all the time to..
So so cute they are..

I think they are getting COLD..
But still so cute..

OMG!! She so cute. She had a Strawberry short cake
Birthday. It trued out great. Thanks Kirsten!! :)

Isaac was playing with me, we were sure being silly..
Love this boy..

We are getting ready to blow out the candles!!

So So cute you too. She is such a great MOM.

Helen was having to much fun and eating up all the cake..

Renee and Natalie having a great time.
Best of friends.. :)

Opening all her gifts I am sure she love doing this...
I have know Helen all her life so it was nice to be a part in all this..
i just love seeing her smile when ever you come in to the run. She always has big arms for you to cute.. So this is for you Helen, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. We love you Lot's.... :)

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Lee Weakley said...

way cute Anne. You are doing a great job as a mom and a friend