Friday, April 30, 2010

Sarah's Graduation. Way to Go...

Watching and Waiting for Sarah's turn...

One big happy family.. Yea I did it!! :)

There is anther happy family, and cute too.. lol

Theirs the parents, that's were it all began... :)

We did not stay for the hole thing. So We ran a few arenas with Caroline.So we are just waisting time before we got home, we toke a bunch of pic.

So sad I think.... j/k

The table of Lot's of food.. Yum Yum..

Sarah made this, it turned out great.. I am even the one who toke the pic... I have to say they turned out great...

Natalie just loves playing with Maia... They are so so cute together....

This is my fave... Poor Scott got so tied.. Too cute!!
Well this is it, thanks to everyone who made it a great day...Well Sarah I just want to tell you that I am so proud of all your hard work and everything you have done in school, your so awesome.. Thanks for all you do, I hope all goes well for you in the future. You are going to make one great teacher.. Good luck!! I love you so much! Natalie too.. Graduation...

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's our girls weekend away!!

Well it's that time again, for our Wolfe Creek get away. Where all of us girls get together and just be girls and eat lots of food. Kirsten start this trip way back in Nov 06 for her b-day. That's how it all began and we have been doing it every year sins then. We just add a April or May trip just for fun.. We get a lot of stuff done with just being us girls, when we don't have kids at our side.. lol. I love my time being here, it's nice to get a break every know and then.. The part I like is when we get lots of pic. of our fun filled trip, but I can not find then at all, at this time but Kirsten did take them, so where are they... I hope we can find then so I can post them for you guys.. P.S. thanks Kirsten for such a great trip you plan for us....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our wATCHES we are making..(green- purple)

Just a pretty face....
It's a start.. This will be Natalie's watch...
Natalie has to take my picture, every time to get me in there as well... Isn't she so cute, thanks Nat..... Showing of the finished watch.. Looks so goood... She is quite the craftier..
We are working together, or she is trying to show me what to do Love her!!
Look we are all done... That was so much fun to do together.... I can't believe we got it all done, yahooooo. Thanks Caroline for inventing us to your enrichment. We sure had a blast making our watches with you and Katie... Love you guys! My sister are the best.... :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soccer game here we go..

I love it.. She is so funny all the time... :)
Get your game on!
she is my show of "GIRL"
Pretty in pink.

All wet, and have to much "fun".
Yeah I love LIFE!!

She has so much Grace in her.. Loves having fun, and if it means getting wet even better!

She is so happy! I love when she is happy. Well what a great ending to a great day (fun in the sun). Not so sure who won the game but I am sure we both play there hearts out.. It is a real joy for me to sit out in my chair and watch my little girl playing the game. she sure does love it.. Well that's all I am going to sure with you today, hope you all out there had some "GOOD TIMES" as well... Love from the McEvoy GIRLS!! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break, FUN!!

Well I thought it would be fun to go to the park and have a picnic. So we packed all of our stuff and drove to kolers for so yummy food.. Boy this sure does cost a lot just for the three of us! grrrr. So off we go to the wood park in PG, lots of fun.. Just one thing wrong I for got to grab Grandpa's camera.grrr! Cause I wanted to blog about our Spring Break fun in the sun.. :( So as we were leaving the park I for got my camera was in my bag. A little to late for that. Oh well next time right, but the nice thing about Spring Break was I did not have to WORK all week... :) Yes that' right I did not have to do a hole lot, but be a Mom. So this is what it fills like to be a stay at home Mom, I would if I could but it dose not pay the BILLS.. LOL.. Well that's it for know got to go. BYE thanks for listening. Love Anne! P.S. Hope you all had a great Spring Break as well!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's coupon day for us..

For Christmas I got a coupon book (that Sarah and Natalie made) of fun stuff that Natalie wanted us to do together!

Today's coupon is going to Maggie Moo's for Ice Cream! Natalie had a free cone there so want to make sure we were going to use it. (she love this place)

showing it off. (Thanks babe for being so good)

The SIGN!! Yum,Yum.

She is eating know. She has been waiting for a long time to come here. She always gets the funnest stuff. She is always doing this kind of thing. One time she was making her self a sandwich and she put peanut butter and jam with cheese on it as well. (in to little pieces)

My was Yum, Yum.. All in All it turned out to be a great day. I just love time we get to spend together. I have the best daughter ever. Thanks Natalie for being in my life... SMILES!

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's that time of the year. Happpy Easter!

Well, this year is going by so fast. It's just so crazy and fun.. I just love this Holiday, there's so much to do.. Fun Fun! Lot's of stuff to learn, and just being with the Family. My favorite part how about you.. So here's to you all out there in blog land, Happy Happy Easter!! Here is just a little bit of what we did Easter weekend... Enjoy.

Stand out in the COLD waiting to go get some Eggs.

It was a mad house in there, but we still got some eggs..

i promise she is happy in this picture just hard to tell. lol .Wow looks like we jack pot. You see the Easter basket Natalie is using that was mine when I was a little girl.. Way cool!

Dieing our eggs with the family. Love it! I enjoy doing this lots. I have been doing this with Natalie ever since she was just a baby.. Oh were dose the time go. :(

Just the two of us!! Sweet love. :)

Getting your hands all dirty, lots of colors..

Cool eggs Natalie..

Sleeping in to the night.. In hopes that he comes..

Oh yea he did come... Sweet! Don't we just look so good in the morning... LoL

Thanks to the Bunny, it was a great day!

I found it...It's pink...

Natalie made me a egg.. (it said Happy Easter Mom) she is so good to me.. Love her so much..

I think I am done. I hope I got them all...

She is so sweet. Again she wrote to me, the words of love.

Love it... She is so so big..

lots of fun.. I love taking her pictures... Got a lot of great faces..

Smiles big!

Can you believe she 9.. She looks so older then that. Oh what do I do!

Don't you just love her Easter dress I got her this year.. I sure have fun getting her one every year! When I was little my Mom would make our Easter dresses, I loved it.. I just can't sew as good as her...

She is almost as tall as me... Scary isn't it..

This is my crazy girl Natalie. Nice to meet you! lol

Oh Sarah had me take there pictures as well. Don't they look so great.. Mother and Daughter... Perfect! Well that's The McEvoy way of a great Easter. Hope all you out there had a great day as well! So bye for know, tell next year. So a Happy Happy Easter, to you.. Love the McEvoy girls..... :)

How silly are you... I don't think as silly as meeeee.. xoxoxoxoxoxo