Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soccer game here we go..

I love it.. She is so funny all the time... :)
Get your game on!
she is my show of "GIRL"
Pretty in pink.

All wet, and have to much "fun".
Yeah I love LIFE!!

She has so much Grace in her.. Loves having fun, and if it means getting wet even better!

She is so happy! I love when she is happy. Well what a great ending to a great day (fun in the sun). Not so sure who won the game but I am sure we both play there hearts out.. It is a real joy for me to sit out in my chair and watch my little girl playing the game. she sure does love it.. Well that's all I am going to sure with you today, hope you all out there had some "GOOD TIMES" as well... Love from the McEvoy GIRLS!! :)

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