Monday, April 5, 2010

It's that time of the year. Happpy Easter!

Well, this year is going by so fast. It's just so crazy and fun.. I just love this Holiday, there's so much to do.. Fun Fun! Lot's of stuff to learn, and just being with the Family. My favorite part how about you.. So here's to you all out there in blog land, Happy Happy Easter!! Here is just a little bit of what we did Easter weekend... Enjoy.

Stand out in the COLD waiting to go get some Eggs.

It was a mad house in there, but we still got some eggs..

i promise she is happy in this picture just hard to tell. lol .Wow looks like we jack pot. You see the Easter basket Natalie is using that was mine when I was a little girl.. Way cool!

Dieing our eggs with the family. Love it! I enjoy doing this lots. I have been doing this with Natalie ever since she was just a baby.. Oh were dose the time go. :(

Just the two of us!! Sweet love. :)

Getting your hands all dirty, lots of colors..

Cool eggs Natalie..

Sleeping in to the night.. In hopes that he comes..

Oh yea he did come... Sweet! Don't we just look so good in the morning... LoL

Thanks to the Bunny, it was a great day!

I found it...It's pink...

Natalie made me a egg.. (it said Happy Easter Mom) she is so good to me.. Love her so much..

I think I am done. I hope I got them all...

She is so sweet. Again she wrote to me, the words of love.

Love it... She is so so big..

lots of fun.. I love taking her pictures... Got a lot of great faces..

Smiles big!

Can you believe she 9.. She looks so older then that. Oh what do I do!

Don't you just love her Easter dress I got her this year.. I sure have fun getting her one every year! When I was little my Mom would make our Easter dresses, I loved it.. I just can't sew as good as her...

She is almost as tall as me... Scary isn't it..

This is my crazy girl Natalie. Nice to meet you! lol

Oh Sarah had me take there pictures as well. Don't they look so great.. Mother and Daughter... Perfect! Well that's The McEvoy way of a great Easter. Hope all you out there had a great day as well! So bye for know, tell next year. So a Happy Happy Easter, to you.. Love the McEvoy girls..... :)

How silly are you... I don't think as silly as meeeee.. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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Matt and Sarah Joseph said...

So cute!! Love those cute pics! You are getting good at photography