Monday, April 26, 2010

It's our girls weekend away!!

Well it's that time again, for our Wolfe Creek get away. Where all of us girls get together and just be girls and eat lots of food. Kirsten start this trip way back in Nov 06 for her b-day. That's how it all began and we have been doing it every year sins then. We just add a April or May trip just for fun.. We get a lot of stuff done with just being us girls, when we don't have kids at our side.. lol. I love my time being here, it's nice to get a break every know and then.. The part I like is when we get lots of pic. of our fun filled trip, but I can not find then at all, at this time but Kirsten did take them, so where are they... I hope we can find then so I can post them for you guys.. P.S. thanks Kirsten for such a great trip you plan for us....

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