Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend to C.A., for Madison's Baptism... What a sweet day.

Well we are off to CA. Good bye thanksgiving, hello St. George.
Yes we made it.. Not such a bad drive, went good. Now sweet dreams to us... And off to CA. Such a long drive.. GRrrrrr..Yeah we made it! Luke and his family was there to see us come in.. I miss then lots.
He is cute..
Today is the day..We are at the Church, and I had to get this picture.
Now it's us..
After we all got together to eat.. Jeddy your too cute....
I am so proud of you Madison. You did great.
One big happy family..
What a special day. love you Madison.
Benson's my best friend. That's what he told me.. Love him, too cute. What a great picture.
He Love's wearing my shoes. He sure knows how to walk in them. Funny kid.
They so fit him... lol
We all are having a great night together.. We have sure have fun when we are with each other..
He is the sweetest boy ever!!
So great is this... :)
Jaren is to cute..
He was not filling so well. I hope he gets better..
Our last night there. We sure did have a great visit with our family. It's all way fun to see my brothers family.. Natalie just love to see her cousins. What great times.. These are the days.. Well I just want to say thanks again for a great time Ben and family.Thanks for letting us stay at your house. I had a good time with you guys as always.. Love you so so much. Ben I wanted to tell you how good you did on Saturday. I am proud of you.. You sure have tough me a lot. Thanks for that. Oh yeah Kim thanks for feeding us so good. You are quite the cook. Thanks. The kids never stooped having so much fun.. Here are some of the videos that were taking...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Thanksgiving in our house...We had a great day!!!

Natalie made this cute Turkey at school..

I want to curl Natalie's hair for this great day..

Sarah and Maia came over to swim... Too cute..

And Natalie got on the treadmill, she loves doing that..

Sarah though or this fun thing for us to do, write what we are thankful for... Lots of fun...

All together know, all together know. Our family pic..

I love my Brother josh...
Check Spelling

Our thanksgiving pictures... She is cute... I love how her hair turned out....

She's got the look!!

Cousins! Natalie just loves little Maia.....

I just love her face her. So does she like her food..

Our family pictures of the year... I love Natalie's smile...

I am thankful for her... And her kisses.

Well it's a great time of the year. There is so much to be thankful for.. And there is not a lot of time... So I wont get in to it, just know I have a lot out there. but I will say this, a big thanks to our Mother for all her hard work this season.. She has a heart of gold.. So this is it, our little family on Thanksgiving... Thanks for listening to me go on and on... Oh p.s. Have a very Marry Thanksgiving this year... From our house to yours.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

BYU game, but it's cold outside..

The game is on!!
Yahoo they did it!!

Tanks Grandpa for taking us to the game...

Natalie Love's her Uncle Josh!!

Soooo CUTE!!!!!

Looking good.. We had lots of fun...

The band... They are so fun to watch..

Will it was so cold out there we had to leave early... But it was ok cause they were wining.. It was lots of fun out there... I just love going to the games.. Natalie has lots of fun at these games, sure fun time together... I just love these time's we get to have... I just love my family....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Natalie's 9 year old picture shots. By MOM

How cute is this... Tree hugging day...
I did not tell her to kiss the tree, she did that her self.
She has a great SMILE.......

Being silly and putting snow on her head.. COLD... I did not really want to take her pictures in the snow, but I had no choice..
Know I did ask her to do this move.. I love how it turned out, don't you...
She is getting so BIG...
She likes to make her own stuff up... It work's..

She is so so sad here, she was getting so COLD. But I just could not get the right shot I was looking for... And she was starting to cry... I am such a bad But I did a good job at taking them though.. I am learning, besides it is fun to take pictures... Thats what I do... Well Natalie will thank me one of these day's, I hope cause I love her lots... She is my SUNSHINE!!! She is all I got...I love you Ntalie Anne McEvoy...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let it SNOW Let it SNOW ,kids playing in the SNOW!!

Kids are so FUN to watch!!! They come up with so or the cutes stuff when there together, love it. Well I guess it's time to let it SNOW her in Utah... I guess it's not to bad such a bad thing. The kids really love it.. It's so cute to see how they racket when they see snow, it's like see it for the first time.. I just wish it was not so cold for them.. lol I just love to how close Natalie and Renee are coming along in life.. Best of Friends they are... I have to say we had a great day. It most be November for ya, It's all about giving thanks.. And keeping it up there.. Love, Anne-Mourie.