Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Thanksgiving in our house...We had a great day!!!

Natalie made this cute Turkey at school..

I want to curl Natalie's hair for this great day..

Sarah and Maia came over to swim... Too cute..

And Natalie got on the treadmill, she loves doing that..

Sarah though or this fun thing for us to do, write what we are thankful for... Lots of fun...

All together know, all together know. Our family pic..

I love my Brother josh...
Check Spelling

Our thanksgiving pictures... She is cute... I love how her hair turned out....

She's got the look!!

Cousins! Natalie just loves little Maia.....

I just love her face her. So does she like her food..

Our family pictures of the year... I love Natalie's smile...

I am thankful for her... And her kisses.

Well it's a great time of the year. There is so much to be thankful for.. And there is not a lot of time... So I wont get in to it, just know I have a lot out there. but I will say this, a big thanks to our Mother for all her hard work this season.. She has a heart of gold.. So this is it, our little family on Thanksgiving... Thanks for listening to me go on and on... Oh p.s. Have a very Marry Thanksgiving this year... From our house to yours.

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