Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend to C.A., for Madison's Baptism... What a sweet day.

Well we are off to CA. Good bye thanksgiving, hello St. George.
Yes we made it.. Not such a bad drive, went good. Now sweet dreams to us... And off to CA. Such a long drive.. GRrrrrr..Yeah we made it! Luke and his family was there to see us come in.. I miss then lots.
He is cute..
Today is the day..We are at the Church, and I had to get this picture.
Now it's us..
After we all got together to eat.. Jeddy your too cute....
I am so proud of you Madison. You did great.
One big happy family..
What a special day. love you Madison.
Benson's my best friend. That's what he told me.. Love him, too cute. What a great picture.
He Love's wearing my shoes. He sure knows how to walk in them. Funny kid.
They so fit him... lol
We all are having a great night together.. We have sure have fun when we are with each other..
He is the sweetest boy ever!!
So great is this... :)
Jaren is to cute..
He was not filling so well. I hope he gets better..
Our last night there. We sure did have a great visit with our family. It's all way fun to see my brothers family.. Natalie just love to see her cousins. What great times.. These are the days.. Well I just want to say thanks again for a great time Ben and family.Thanks for letting us stay at your house. I had a good time with you guys as always.. Love you so so much. Ben I wanted to tell you how good you did on Saturday. I am proud of you.. You sure have tough me a lot. Thanks for that. Oh yeah Kim thanks for feeding us so good. You are quite the cook. Thanks. The kids never stooped having so much fun.. Here are some of the videos that were taking...

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