Friday, July 31, 2009

Deer creek Reservoir/ the Weakley's

This is the view I saw from the car drive there.

This is sweet Helen being so cute in the drive up to the lake.

Oh we look so you know..

I am trying to get Helen to walk. She just loves the water.
We play well together.. She always has big smiles for me..

I think you guys have aught ROCKs.. They sure did have in the water. It was just a little cold and lots of rocks, BIG and little.

Put rocks in the water they liked that part...

I just love the sunset in this picture..

Splashing in the water. Way cute guys!

More fun..

I think
they are working together to get lots of rocks.

Way cool! This was lots of fun to go on a Friday night and go to the reservoir for some family fun..
We went to go get kfc and eat at the park. More playing then eating though. Thanks to our good friends the Weakley for taking the time to be with us. We always have some great times together..Well it's late so I most be done with my post. Enjoy it. And remember to have a great and safe SUMMBER. Love the McEvoy girls :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My day is full. I hop, aron's, donuts, waterpark and pizza for our late night with Hannah. And lets do some games..

I think she could jump all day. If I let her in tell she wanted to eat. lol

She sure loves it here..

Don't go over to far..

Way so cool she dose have the moves..

The best place in the world to hang out at. And being in the sun is the best.

All her hair gone WET....

My dear sweet Natalie.

This is so cool!

Where did she go...

Big belly..

Run right though it. It looks like so much fun.

Know we are on to our late night with Hannah.
It's pizza time. Eat up girls..

Hey lets make fruit drinks. Yum Yum..

Looks good. Great smiles girls. Good times!

Lets sing karaoke. Great job Hannah you did it.

You look great Natalie. Love it. You sure know how to karaoke.

Night games sounds great. Flashlight tag your it. Thanks Hannah for coming over and playing with us you are such a joy to be around. Don't they look like they are having so much fun!!! It sure was a long a busy day but lots of fun.

Hear are some good video to watch... Thanks again for coming to our BLOG..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My daughter and why I love her so much!!;)


Her name is Natalie Anne McEvoy! And she is almost 9 in three months!

N is for- being so NICE and NEAT.
A is for- being so ADORABLE.

T is for- always being so TENDER.
A is for-Lots of her AUDITED.
L is for- Lots of LOVE. She LOVEs everyone.

I is for- INEDIBLE. She amazes me all the time. :)
E is for- ENERGIZED. She is always going going gone.
lol. That is why I love her so much. So I wanted to show her how much I loved her in this POST... That's why I am making it for her.. Lots of Love, From your MOMMY. :). Oh and by the way I just love her outfit that is why I was taking her PICTURES.... she is just so CUTE I think she got all of my LOOKS.. But I was sure cute when I was LITTLE... Well we both were. Thanks ya all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our trip to Montana. Yahoo. family!

The start of our trip. First movie!
Next stop is in IDAHO. Gotta go to the bathroom.

We are finished. We made the drive to Montana. Safe and sound. :)

Blake our cousin. Looking so cool.

They had so much fun together. Like brothers and sisters. It was lots of fun to watch them.
Natalie would just not leave him alone but he like it. Best of friends They have not seen each other since 5 or so years. They sure hit it of well.

Great uncle John was fun to be around. He loves kids.

Father and son. Standing on the side of the road.
It was sure good to see them.

The big truck. Wish we had a ride on it.

It was Evel Knievel Days when we got there lots of fun things to do and see.

This is a good ride, if we could ride it..
Cute gum face!!
I am so high in the air..
Sitting down waiting for the kids to do the jumping thing..
Saturday we got to go to the PARK. With Grandpa and I. This is the play ground stuff that my Dad used to play with when he was a little BOY...
Show us what you got Dad..
These are called the COW BOY swings..
Silly girl!
We had so much FUN...
Way to GO..
Grandpa was showing us his riding skills..
Cuddle time.
Love there cute faces.
We love our Aunt Caroline.
And our Grandma's.
Our Family is the best..
Color time.
Don't focus to hard.
We got to celebrate our Grandparents
Anniversary. WoW 59 years way to go.
Know that's a lot of LOVE.
After words we got to go to my Aunts house.
Ah Family.
Are we cute are what.
Getting in line to do the jumpy think again...
I just wish it did not cost so much.
Thanks for be so cute with your
Cousin Natalie.
Ahhhhhh.Them to are so cute.
Whats with that face. That is so Natalie. I never know what I might get.
I love it!
Don't jump to HIGH.
Blake you did great up there!
Great job, Natalie that was awesome
of you. A flip in the air.
Great times, watching a movie with Grandma.
love it, so sweet.Know I am off to play games. She loves playing games.And now I most take a nap,What I thought you were reading.
But she all so wanted to watch anther movie.
Is she cute or what.I think so.
Thanks to all for a great trip. We love seeing Family as much as we can..
But this is the last picture I got and this is our last day we will be here :(
In tell we meet again. And that's the end. Thanks Anne
You got to watch this video. It was the last 8 mins on the card and I got it just right.