Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer is not complete with out a Camping trip with the FAMILY!

Well I am sure why I am Blogging today but I am. Well my Family is going CAMPing today and I am not going this time I have to WORK all weekend. Well that's what happens when you have to pay the BILLs. I know what your saying it's sooo much FUN. That's what I though that's why I work so much. Well I am glad that my family went and was wanting my Natalie to come. It sure is a fun thing to do in our family. Well my Mom is always trying to plan a camping trip for us. But dose not always happen lots of things I guess come up. LOL.... Well I am upset that my Dad forgot to grab the CAMERA... That's what happens when I don't go Cause I guess I am the only one who cares about taking picture's. lol.. Well I will see if I can ask around to see if any one toke pictures. If not this may be the only thing you get. So I hope I can find so for you. Cause I don't always blog with out pictures but I had saved a post for it so I am just going to talking about it! Thanks to all of you who listen to me. Love ya Anne :)

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