Thursday, July 30, 2009

My day is full. I hop, aron's, donuts, waterpark and pizza for our late night with Hannah. And lets do some games..

I think she could jump all day. If I let her in tell she wanted to eat. lol

She sure loves it here..

Don't go over to far..

Way so cool she dose have the moves..

The best place in the world to hang out at. And being in the sun is the best.

All her hair gone WET....

My dear sweet Natalie.

This is so cool!

Where did she go...

Big belly..

Run right though it. It looks like so much fun.

Know we are on to our late night with Hannah.
It's pizza time. Eat up girls..

Hey lets make fruit drinks. Yum Yum..

Looks good. Great smiles girls. Good times!

Lets sing karaoke. Great job Hannah you did it.

You look great Natalie. Love it. You sure know how to karaoke.

Night games sounds great. Flashlight tag your it. Thanks Hannah for coming over and playing with us you are such a joy to be around. Don't they look like they are having so much fun!!! It sure was a long a busy day but lots of fun.

Hear are some good video to watch... Thanks again for coming to our BLOG..

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