Monday, July 20, 2009

Cowabunga bay. The water park going with FRIENds..

The hole PARK.. It was an awesome day in the Sun..

Surf's up you guys. The water was to cold and she did not want me to take her pic. But I did get it.

For work to day we want to go play in the water.. When we were to hot we got in the water. Jacqueline has not been this went in 2 years. I think she love it a lot that she was always wet.
And since the kids were gone went want to have fun as well.. lol

Is she wet or what.. Just a little..

Me and Helen going do the slide we sure got wet.
To much fun..

Love you guys thanks for coming out with us..
a Long long day.. :)

Crazy face Natalie having Lot's of fun with Jordan..

The sand and the big ball what a great pic. Natalie.

Laying in the SUN.. Drying off. so cute..

Slug bug green..It looked so cool so I got a pic. of it!

The girls so perfect. I love this sign with them in it..
I know I take to many pic.. so kill me why don't you..

I just love what this car said on the back of it.So I got a pic of it..

Triston Steed and Addison. Also came with us, the more the better. They had just as much fun. when it comes to water you can't go wrong right. So I say if you have not gone yet this summer you should go.. I can't wait to go again.. It just might be the best water park ever so far for us..

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Angie said...

That looks like an AWESOME water park! So fun that Jacee could go and have so much fun.