Friday, July 31, 2009

Deer creek Reservoir/ the Weakley's

This is the view I saw from the car drive there.

This is sweet Helen being so cute in the drive up to the lake.

Oh we look so you know..

I am trying to get Helen to walk. She just loves the water.
We play well together.. She always has big smiles for me..

I think you guys have aught ROCKs.. They sure did have in the water. It was just a little cold and lots of rocks, BIG and little.

Put rocks in the water they liked that part...

I just love the sunset in this picture..

Splashing in the water. Way cute guys!

More fun..

I think
they are working together to get lots of rocks.

Way cool! This was lots of fun to go on a Friday night and go to the reservoir for some family fun..
We went to go get kfc and eat at the park. More playing then eating though. Thanks to our good friends the Weakley for taking the time to be with us. We always have some great times together..Well it's late so I most be done with my post. Enjoy it. And remember to have a great and safe SUMMBER. Love the McEvoy girls :)

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