Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gand opening at Highland city park!!

It was so busy there. But Lot's of fun.Natalie and I go there almost everyday if we can.It's not that far and it is free. We went with the Weakley's and the Tobian's. So much FUN. Thanks guys!!
It's hard to see us,but we sure are having much FUN.. Helen just loves the water... :)

I for got to get my camera so I did not get much pictures of Natalie.
And she is not in the mod of me taking her pics... Grrrrr But they sure had fun..

Thanks Judy for taking my picture...

Are these two cute or what...
Now it's Judy's turn for a great pic.

Love it!!
This was the day before and I was watching the Weakleys.
The kids love it..
You think Helen is mine, cause I got more pics. of her then my own..
lol.. She just so cute like Natalie is.
Good friends..
I just love this park I am so glad it is close to our house we go like every day. We shell have some great times there. Happy faces...

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Angie said...

How fun! Too bad they didn't have that when we were there! Looks like so much fun!