Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of the JULY!!!

I just love this PICTURE!!! It turned out great..She got her face paint with her Aunt Caroline at her ward party for the 4th in Salt Lake. I am sure it was Fun for them. Thanks again for having her sleep over.. great times. those two have.It turned out to be a great day...
All the family at our neighborhood party outside.
Natalie having great time playing out side with everyone...
and playing with all the SPARKLERS. Her fave..

I can't believe how time FLYS when you are having fun.. Like when your daughter is 81/2 were dose all the time go lol... :( But it sure has been great and I guess I can't wait to see her all grown up.. :) Well on a different note.. I just want to say the 4th is a great time and a happy place to blow up things.. lol I mean. (fireworks) To see and spend time with family='s lots of love..and
Good times&Fun times.. So Happy 4th of JULY to everyone.. Have some down right good time and remember to play it safe..
Always Anne & Natalie!!

so cute you should watch!! Thanks..

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amber johnson said...

I want to go to your family party! :) J/K. We do one on our cul-de-sac, but I love the facepainting idea!