Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our vist with GRANDPARENTS....

Me and my great Grandpa. We had a fun night, I got to show him my great reading skills And he gave me a silver dollar. Which I can save them with the others that he has given to me. Thanks Grandpa for always be so great to all of us.. We love lots!

There's my Grandma which i love to pieces. She is always so good to us!!

Who gave her the camera! Here she goes with one of her picture's of herself. She learned that from her aunt Katie. But she still looks great..

Lots of hugs good bye, hope we see you soon. We had a good time..

We had a chance to see our Grandparents in springville before they left for home. My grandma has not been feeling well so they are going home to their house in Montana. They were in Arizona where they like to go in their trailer for the winter because there is so much snow were they live. So we had pizza and just had lots of fun visiting with them. Katie,Natalie,Me and our parents all went to see them and say good bye. We had soo much fun. I just love them so much as I am sure you all do. So here goes with the night of all the pictures I got to take very nice.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mom's & muffin's

Well this is a great picture, and A great day. But just not the snow that was going on that day, there was way to much,oh well spring well be soon I hope.YEAH:)

You are reading so well!!

I love you so much!!
Well it is my turn to do the reading thing with my girl. I just love to hear her reading out loud. It still blows me away that she can read as good as she can. I know at my age I was not as good as she is, nor did I read as much as she does. The longest time she read to me was 50 mins. The hardest part for me is, it puts me to sleep half the time, so I never know if she has read all of her 20 mins that she has to do. I hope that it is more than the 20 minutes but that is not always what I get. So here are our picture's of our nice day,thanks Natalie for all your hard work!!!
Sorry our picture taking is not the best, but we got it
to work. soso :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My birthday,Why do we have to get older!!

Oh this blogging stuff it is so hard .And if your computer is so slow as mine has been these days it mite take me forever to just to make a post. So sorry it is late. WE i add the post on my B-day but i have been trying for weeks to get it out there. So here's to a great day of my BIRTHDAY! And just being with my FAMILY is it not so great.Thanks to all who came and said such nice thing about me and my older brother. Love to all, ANNE-mourie:)

Thanks Mom for dinner..And all you do for us.

Thanks for coming to the party guys..Love ya!

I love you Luke. Your so COOL....

I'm thinking?lol I love you Katie..

A brothers love. So great!

Thanks Katie for always getting our picture..
We sure look soooo CUTE. So here's to being 31 so great, right..

WE go around the table and we tell the birthday people, what we love about them it is very nice...

My biggest gift yet ,thanks again mom I love it so much..

April & Jaren thanks for coming & for the movies.

Make a wish. And blow out the candles!

Happy Birthday Josh! This year we had our dinner on the same day..
It turned out so great. I love you sooo much Josh, life wouldn't be the same with out you. THANKS A LOT. love your sister..
To my cute Little NATALIE!! Your the best
gift I ever got. Thanks for always being there...
I love you sooooo much. And by the way great pictures...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

She is soooo cute and takes some of the cutest pictures..

Thanks for being my Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to you all !!

It is a great day cause it is two day's before my birthday. And I get to show people how much I love them in lots of different ways. And spend time with my Valentine, of course it is you Natalie. So I can show her how much I love her in so many ways! So here's to you my Valentine's. This year I got to take lots of pictures of her. Yes she let me take them, lots of them. So here's to you I love you!! In so many ways. So here's all her face's hope you enjoy them as i did. Lots of love, Mommy...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dad's and donuts

I read to my grandpa for 20 mins. I think you are such a great read Natalie. But when she stops me when i have read it wrong. I don't like it so much. But still some what so cute of her. She will make a great teacher some day,you think.
It has been Jazz reading at there school since the end of Jan and all of Feb. For those of you don't know what it is I will try to explain it to you. Well reading is part of her homework she has to do.But jazz reading is just something fun for the kids to do and keep up on their mins. And they have a change to earn cool things. So the more you read the better. So on Feb.10,09 so Grandpa got the chance to take Natalie to school and have donuts and some fun reading time to get more mins to help build your score for reading. So Natalie got to read her Freaky Friday book to Grandpa. Thanks for taking her Grandpa she had so much fun. That ment so much to us. I wish I had something like this when i was her age.....

I am showing off my picture i drew thanks Grandpa for taking my pictures :)