Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our vist with GRANDPARENTS....

Me and my great Grandpa. We had a fun night, I got to show him my great reading skills And he gave me a silver dollar. Which I can save them with the others that he has given to me. Thanks Grandpa for always be so great to all of us.. We love lots!

There's my Grandma which i love to pieces. She is always so good to us!!

Who gave her the camera! Here she goes with one of her picture's of herself. She learned that from her aunt Katie. But she still looks great..

Lots of hugs good bye, hope we see you soon. We had a good time..

We had a chance to see our Grandparents in springville before they left for home. My grandma has not been feeling well so they are going home to their house in Montana. They were in Arizona where they like to go in their trailer for the winter because there is so much snow were they live. So we had pizza and just had lots of fun visiting with them. Katie,Natalie,Me and our parents all went to see them and say good bye. We had soo much fun. I just love them so much as I am sure you all do. So here goes with the night of all the pictures I got to take very nice.....

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