Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mom's & muffin's

Well this is a great picture, and A great day. But just not the snow that was going on that day, there was way to much,oh well spring well be soon I hope.YEAH:)

You are reading so well!!

I love you so much!!
Well it is my turn to do the reading thing with my girl. I just love to hear her reading out loud. It still blows me away that she can read as good as she can. I know at my age I was not as good as she is, nor did I read as much as she does. The longest time she read to me was 50 mins. The hardest part for me is, it puts me to sleep half the time, so I never know if she has read all of her 20 mins that she has to do. I hope that it is more than the 20 minutes but that is not always what I get. So here are our picture's of our nice day,thanks Natalie for all your hard work!!!
Sorry our picture taking is not the best, but we got it
to work. soso :)

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