Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting ready for the big day!!Truning 8

Natalie's birthday was one week before her actual birthday. So here we are getting ready and I, her mom, want to let her open a gift so she can have it for her party. i want her to look her best for it and so i gave that one present. But then she asked if that was all she gets right now and i said,"yes, you'll get the rest in a week when its your actual bday!'' I swear, they seem so ungrateful sometimes! But of course i love her, that's why i get her the gifts in the first place! She kept her eyes closed the whole time she was unwrapping it because she did not want to see it until it was completely open. She's so silly! It was the cutest dress and so of course, she looked adorable at her party! Then she started asking,"If i get a present early, why isn't it the biggest one?" So i finally gave in and ended up letting her unwrap her big present at the party. ( Hannah Montana Barbie and accessories). I tried to keep it simple! Why kids think they need everything is beyond me! But as we always say "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

Natalie's 8th birthday party

lance, Megan, Natalie Renee with Chickie
my mom bought my cake at kohlers
me and Chickie cheese
me and my gift
me and Megan
me and Renee
me and Hannah
me and aunt Katie, thanks for all your help

it was a great day for us to have a birthday on sat. the 25 so we went to Chickie cheese it was a blast and so busy there but the girls had fun.we had have never had a party outside of the home so it was great to do one. i had my sister Katie pick up the cake it was a tinker bell one that was cute.she was a big help for me we just love all she dose. then me and Jacqueline came with the b-day girl and her friends mag, Renee and Hannah, Jake, lance. they had so much fun that i could not keep them to stay long enough to eat our to talk to us the had there own plans. to and so we had our party dance with Chickie cheese and sang the birthday song and blow out candles and toke pic. with him so cute they just love him he is so fun to see. they play lots of games they love to pick out the toys but it just takes for ever to do so.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The New Blog on the Block

We've just opened a new blog. we hope you will check us out from time to time. we hope to up date often on the crazy adventures we go on. we've so much enjoyed reading all of our family and friends blogs so much that we just wanted to start leaving comments; which means we needed one. we look forward to hearing from you, telling us about about your lives and letting us know how silly ours is.