Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

She is soooo cute and takes some of the cutest pictures..

Thanks for being my Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to you all !!

It is a great day cause it is two day's before my birthday. And I get to show people how much I love them in lots of different ways. And spend time with my Valentine, of course it is you Natalie. So I can show her how much I love her in so many ways! So here's to you my Valentine's. This year I got to take lots of pictures of her. Yes she let me take them, lots of them. So here's to you I love you!! In so many ways. So here's all her face's hope you enjoy them as i did. Lots of love, Mommy...


Mark and Caroline said...

i love all your stories. happy birthday sweety. sorry i forgot to call you. i'm so terrable. but i love you. you're so sweet and awesome.

Jeff and Judy said...

She is so pretty! Great pictures!
Happy Valentine's Day!