Saturday, August 1, 2009

Caroline's baby shower. Oh lots of FUN..

Sarah made the house look real beautiful for the shower. With the help of Kate and Mom.

Great shout I got of my sisters and Maia just visiting. It was a good day. I can't what till Caroline's baby comes.. :) This will make 7 grand kids for for my parents. :) I think that is how many kids they had oh that's cool!

Are these two cute are what.. A Aunty's love is great.

Another great Picture of my Natalie, oh see I do take a lot of picture's of my girl.

It sure was nice to see April and Jaren come all the way from San Diego.
I love this picture of them, this was April's first time seeing Maia. They had moved right before she was due...

Happy BOY! I love his smile he sure is growing up to fast. It's sad we don't get to see him any more..

Paying a game it is with a lot of gum if you get it wrong.
She did not last that long,, We love you Caroline.. Good luck on have a healthy baby BOY. I am sure it will look just as cute as his parents.

Well not the greatest picture taken, but she had just found her teeth that she left at Caroline's house.
She just loves her teeth. Were she goes her teeth shall go with her. lol If I let her.

On the way home I got a great picture of Maia. She is so cute..

I look over and I find her a sleep. So cute I guess it was a long and very fun day.. I guess she goes to bed to late.. lol I did not say that out loud, did I. Thanks to all how put on the shower for everyone. It was a blast and is lots of fun getting together. My love to all Anne!

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