Monday, August 24, 2009

It's my sisters b-day.. Happy birthday Caroline!!

To my BEAUTIFUL sister CAROLINE... It's all about you to day!! Was she so CUTE as a BABY are what.... :) And she still is..
This is all of us GIRLS when we were so little... It is so so cute of us all together back then.. I can't believe that was in the 90's. It sure seem like it just happened lol. We sure did have some great times.....

This Is a pic. of Caroline when we went camping and the only recent pic. I found. I have of her.She is always there For you and knows how to make you laugh I just love so much There are just so many things I love about my SISTER but I don't have all day to tell them to you.. She just so awesome and I love her so.. She Is good at everything she does and is so great at sewing she does it all.. She makes Natalie dresses, Halloween customs, clothes for her doll and much much more she sure does put a lot of time it to all her WORK she does! Thanks again for being a great friend, sister and Auntie to my Natalie we sure do love having you in our FAMILY... You are going to make the best MOMMY in the world I just know it, you just have a lot a love to give to all..I love you CAROLINE!!! Know it is Natalie's turn to talk about you and tell you how much she loves you!!! :) Well I want to start out with a knock knock joke.. knock- knock. who's there? Eddy. Eddy who? Eddy body got a tissue? I've got a cold. There you go Caroline I know it is a little silly but I thought it was cute cause your dog is named Eddy.. You are so nice and fun to be around. When ever you come over you let me play on Mark's iPhone!!!!!!!!! lol. And I just love that thank you lots. I love you so so much Caroline.. Your always so sweet to me and know how to take care of me.. Thanks! :)


Matt and Sarah Joseph said...

GOOD JOKE natalie!! That was totally wicked!!! I loved it!

Mark and Caroline said...

you are so sweet anne and natalie. thank you for the happy birthday. I love you both and am so grateful to be in you family. natalie, that was a funny funny joke. you're such a goof!