Thursday, August 6, 2009

The start of some thing different, Piano lesson!

Oh this is going to be so much fun..

This is the start of something good.
Grandma is starting Natalie in piano lesson. I have always wanted to get Natalie in piano lesson. And know is the change to make something of it. I am so PROUD of Natalie for doing something different. I have to be honest with you I thought that Natalie would not know what she was going to do but. She has picked it up so good. Better then I though she would have done. Since her Mom does not know how to play her self. lol I am looking forword to see how well she will do with her self... I just love her so much. I wish her well. Thanks... :)

This is before just playing around.

And this is her know she is playing so great. Just listen to the song to see what it is she playing..

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Angie said...

awesome! That inspires me to start teaching Brynley and Brooklyn now...well, I've tried in the past, but it hasn't been on a regular schedule...maybe we'll give it a try again. :) I'm sure Natalie will do GREAT!