Saturday, September 26, 2009

Natalie's first BYU Game. So we think..

Yahoooo it's a BYU game and I am going!!

Our long walk to the game. We got my face painted..
Is she cute are what.. Why to show some team spirit...

When we got there Cosmo was out side so we got a picture..That was fun and way cool..

The BAND.. Lets get started... Go team Go...

Oh don't they look so cute together!!!

And us as well....YES

oh yea Ben's family came down from CA.
For the game as well.. Yahoo I just love it when they come and visit..

Benson is the cutest kid I have ever seen.... He has the best smile ever...

And so does Natalie... love you guys!

They are having to much fun..Wait, watch the game..

Oh sorry my brother was there as well..
Love you Josh.. It's always nice to see you...

Well OK you by know we won the game 42 to 23. I guess BYU is doing great this year.. Way to go BYU great game. Thanks DAD for taking us along... We love you Lot's and all you do for us... :) Your the greatest...

Lets go already we have a long walk a Head of us.... :(
Natalie just Love's her cousins. It sure is great when they are here... Thanks

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