Tuesday, November 25, 2008

odd pics. of natalie,kate,and mom

now don't hug her to tight Natalie i know how you love to do that!
Natalie you know how to make the cutest pics.

try to sleep now Natalie, i know it is hard to do that when your with Katie

this is a great pic of Katie and mom. they love to spend time together and have lots of fun!

i just love this pic. of my mommy she loves to read. it is hard to get her away from a great book
i just love to kiss my aunt Katie, she is so cute. do you know she lets me sleep in her bed almost every night? but somehow she forgets she has a hard time sleeping because i kick and move sooo much. but she keeps bringing me back though!

is this sweet or what? i just love them together, they always look cute

Katie may get mad at me for this pic. but i don't think she can ever take a bad pic. and i love it!

My aunt Kate is the best! she took us to get our nails done and they turned out good. I love going out with her because she takes good care of me and spoils me so much. look who is kissing me now! Thank You Katie we love you
I love it when you smile! i have always told her "remember to always have a smile on your face, you look better that way "


Mark and Caroline said...

natalie you do look so cute when you smile. keep it up. and annie, you keep blogging, you're doing awesome. i love all the pictures.

The McEvoy Girls said...

thanks caroline love yours to so can you fix my blog yet still wanting for you love you