Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monster Mash

this is all the people trying out for the costume contest so do u think i will win the for best contest . so can you see me and my friend sitting on the stars over there i am the orange cat.
Natalie, Hannah and meg a cute start to having fun
it was dancing time but i want to play BALL
what crazy hair you have meg i love it
nice dancing Hannah you look cute
the two girls go in to the
spook alley can they
make it out alive
Jake, Jacqueline don't they look good
Natalie next to the pumpkin head
Hannah next to pumpkin Head
Jake, lance and meg.

we had so much fun at the schools family dance night. We got to go with the hill kids and there mom and Natalie got to ask her good friend Hannah they had so much they got to dance and eat lots of food and sugar is that not what you do at these kind of things.We got to get are pics taken and go in a spook alley the girls were just a little scared don't do that again. kids just love to dress up so they will do any thing to do it so this was right up there Allie! But they always look so cute don't they. 10-24-08

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