Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dinsey On Ice

smile the for the shows about to start!
nemo mickey mouse,Minnie mouse
they were my favorite part of all the shows
beauty and the beast
lets clap for good dancing
toy story!
this is what my got before the show wow thanks mom your great!
what a great show dose it have to be over!
well i did it again i putting a post on late that i wanted you to see what we did that day in November which was great. i toke so may pic. so i hope i got to watch any of it.i got the tickets for Natalie b-bay and we like going to these things so much magic brought to life. the only bad thing about this was i had to drive not that i am a bad one but it was far away and it meant that i had to do it at nite and on the free way as well with lots of car.ahahah! but i am so glad we got to go she had lots of fun and so that means i did to. 11-14-08

these are some of the great videos I toke


Angie said...

Looks like you guys had a really great time! Fun pictures...

amber johnson said...

Sounds fun! Natalie always looks so cute!

The McEvoy Girls said...

that was so so so so so so so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .............