Sunday, December 7, 2008

New KidsOnTheBlock

this is there blog picture i found
i found this on line so cool

Me.... they start to come out and we all go crazy....
Jonathan Knight Jordan Knight, that's Kirsten favorite.
all in white, so cool. Joey was my favorite.
The group
so cute there's my hat i had when i was young yes i did save it crazy ha.
Danny Wood, Jonathan Knight sing your heart out
Lights, Camera, Action
i had a chance of a life time to visit my past! i got a text from my sis., Caroline said that the New Kids On The Block were coming to Utah. And we are going . These guys i loved when i was in grade school. Not sure how it stated but it did and i keeped it going on and know i am 30 years old and i do still like them. I just can not believe they came back. It has been about 15 years and they still look real good. Well call me crazy, but that's just me. So it came down to almost being here and not sure if i was going to make enough money to go. I was getting worried that i was
not going to make it in time. As times goes on, i am just going to go even if i don't have enough money but i did come close to it. (I stole Kirsten's money instead). We were able to get good seats, 5 row on the right, it was on the floor. Way cool. You could see there faces up close. Oh man, that was great . It was just so loud to even think. (Kirsten was smart enough to get ear plugs). Well I was just as loud, that i though i would lose my voice, almost did. We got to get t-shirts that were cool but the lines were so long. It was bad crazy. They had a lot of fans and i was one of them, way back in the days of being a kid. Here are some pictures of the night and some video but it is hard to hear any thing. All the girls were so loud but Kirsten was just enjoying it. not a scream came out. For me it was hard, as soon as i saw them it just came out and keep getting louder. Sorry guys if you want to hear any thing. well all in all, it was a great night thanks to my friend Kirsten who would do any thing for me.

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