Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's all about december

It's April's birthday party and we all came over to the Mcevoy's house to eat and to give our girt's to her. and we all go over what we love about her it's lot of fun.we just love having her in our lifes. love you April! MAKE A WISH......

This is the house the girls wanted to stay in. they would not give up on it. they wanted it so much.

I love shoes this tree works for me!

Natalie wants this one it's pink!

Cute Santa!

Go jazz! Go byu!

Lets get every thing out!

Put it all together!

Natalie had to take picture of all her bears!

So cute thanks for all your help on the tree!

cute hat!

Well this month is so crazy and busy so much has to go one. so i well so you what we have done so far.And to top that off we have my brother's family coming in so we will get to do lot more fun stuff with them. it will be nice to have all the family down for Christmas.We got put our tree up that's all ways fun when that comes up. lots of playing around and working.And Natalie is in Activity day's so that has been fun for her and me i love then she gets to go and be a part of stuff like that so I was happy to hear of my first mother and Daughter date it was so fun we got to go to Festival of Tree's.It was great i want to go back of every year had a blast to see all what they come up with way cool. WELL we also had a party for April's birthday lots of fun. Everyone came done it went well.

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