Saturday, December 20, 2008

Swimming with the family in our new pool

lots of fun....

We sure had fun with our Aunt caroline...
I thought you were to swim with your eyes open
i guess not girls..

What cute girls you are....

Great one guys.Jeddy is always smileing..

This is what natalie wanted for christmas
it goes in water, looks cute but not sure it
works that great. sorry natalie..

Our cute caroline thanks for getting
in the water with us...

I just love this picture of our ben
always there...

Jeddy is the cute one. Just loves
the water don't you...

Lets all have some fun in the water it is know
done so we can swim know. thanks grandma
and greandpa we love you lots.....

Come on kim just get in the water it is fun. you
will like it. Don't splash to hard guys....

Even ben got in the water it most be fun. YA!

Looks like everyone is having fun. I am so glad
you guys got a pool. For ever fun!

Grandma sure loves Jeddy! And so do the girls
back there don't they look so cute!

Grandma, madisen,natalie,Bensen.please Pose for me..

So this is the pool my mom has wanted 4 a very long
time and know she has got it . not all the way done. But we got to see what it was like swimming in.My parents still have a lot of work to do i will show off more when it is done .thanks mom and dad for all your work for your family so we can have lots of fun times together love you lots.It must be fun to watch....or just jump in ahahah!
playing hard in the water..
ben showing us how it is done.

grandma with the boys lots of fun..


Angie said...

How FUN!! I love the videos of everyone...we went over last week and your mom got to show us the pool...I'm so glad she finally got it!

amber johnson said...

Looks fun! I'm jealous!:)