Friday, December 26, 2008


We are going up the AF
canyon to go sledding!

Can you please
look at the camera.

Cute,cute Madison
As soon as we get going
benson falls fast a sleep.

Jeddy and I are so cute....

Are we there yet?

I was so busy taking all
the pictures, but yes,
i got to sled down the hill!
My sweet aunt

Madisen lets GO!

Will i ever STOP!?
Not sure, but you
can just crash i's ok.

Did i crash in the snow...

Dont just sit there it is cold..

Natalie don't eat the snow.

We even got our Mom to go.


O come on it was not that bad!
We know you love it.

Sarah is that you going down?

Be careful now, you don't want
to hurt the baby!lol


I made it safe...yaaaahhhh!!

Thats fun. lets do it some more!

So whos going to be first to go down?

Lets get going guys!
Walking up a very long hill...
Sarah's having so much fun...

I just love those two girls!

They went together. I hope they
had lots of fun....

Great smile Natalie!

Madisen trying to go down..


Was it so much fun!

Grandpa letting the air out.
It must be time to go.Wait
where's the HOT COCOA....

Dont drink it all Jeddy.
Save some for us. J/K

Benson finally woke up
at the end of our sledding adventure.

Did you get a good nap buddy?
Thanks to my grandpa for staying in the car with me...

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The McEvoy Girls said...

this is natalie. THanks for Leting us go Sledding with are Family