Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My baby's first day of the fourth grade!!!

The back of her hair.. Natalie asked for it, it turned out great.
Our new deck.. What do you think. Not sure who she is talking to. She is one happy kid, not sure I am ready to let her go..
Love when she picks up a book a can't put it down.. Yes proud Mommy.
Still not done. Come on school starts..
Put the book down lets go..
It's time to let her go.. I know she will do great..
Happy happy joy joy..
Just look how big she is getting.. So how does the time fly by so fast.
The time has come, and know it's time to say good.. Good luck, my sweet the girl..
I just know she is going to do her best.. She is one smart girl.. What will I ever do.. I am one happy Mom..
I Show up for lunch to see how the first day was going.. Something I like to do for her once in a blue. I think she likes it a lot.. We sure do have some fun times... This is going to be one great year...

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