Saturday, August 14, 2010

This years Alpine Days... I toke way too many pic.

Water games. One of our fave. things about Alpine Days..
She is so cute, having to much FUN....
Being a little silly, if you ask me.
Love her face on this one. Prefect pic!!
This is my fave...
Getting ready for the water to spray us all down.
Wait I am not ready to get wet.. She is so fun to watch...
Alpine days breakfast.
Watching the air balloons go up up and away. This year they get to be in the parade. Her first time doing with 4Th ward..
Oh yeah I also had to watch the Weakley kids.. It was sure busy, but fun..
Looking good, and ready to go.. This should be fun...
Having fun in the Summer time..

Thanks fay for taking the pic. She was on the other side and we were not..
Super cute Home Depot guy..
I just love her face on this one. It was really hard for her to do this one, but lots of fun as you can see.
I love her and all she does.. I think this is where I lost the keys. They were no where to be found.. That was very hard for us, we could not leave with out them. Food we need food. We look for hours before Kirsten came and got us. Still no keys. Grrrr.
It is now coming to a end. Fireworks Is always the best time to end the week of fun.
It sure has been a long long day for us, but sure a good one. I guess after church we will go and look for the keys. Yes we did fine them, and some shoes we lost too. (YA) Hope everyone has enjoyed there Day of Alpine days as well.. :)

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